What the readers of SPEAK mean to me

speakquoteLast week a special issue of Shelf Awareness focused on the new REALITY Reads campaign that Macmillan has put together. If you like contemporary YA lit, or you work with teens, you want to check this out.

That special issue also has a great article about Joy Peskin, the editorial director of FS&G (and my editor), as well as a short piece by me about the impact that SPEAK’s readers have had on me.



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  1. Dear Laurie,
    I am reading Speak now and I am such a huge fan. I know there is already a film out but I think you should consider making a new one. If you take my suggestion and are looking for a girl to play Melinda I act and am entering high school. Please consider this suggestion and I hope I talk to you soon.

    Maddie W

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