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What the readers of SPEAK mean to me

Tweet Last week a special issue of Shelf Awareness focused on the new REALITY Reads campaign that Macmillan has put together. If you like contemporary YA lit, or you work with teens, you want to check this out. That special issue also has a great article about Joy Peskin, the editorial director of FS&G (and […]
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RIP Helen Thomas

Tweet I owe the late, great Helen Thomas a debt of gratitude. My entire generation does.
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Ever wonder how the mind of a book banner works?

Tweet       Librarian Kelly Jensen wrote an excellent blog post at BOOKRIOT today, “What Are Grown-Ups Afraid Of In YA Books?” It is a great post and you should read it. And now I will say something that I have never said before. You should read the comments, too. Dr. Richard Sweir, the guy […]
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Thank you Librarians of New York State!!

Tweet   The kind librarians of New York State are honoring me with the Empire State Award!  (I was going to add videos of Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z singing about New York, but I can’t get them to embed. Any ideas way it won’t work? Maybe a New York Superhero […]
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Breakfast companion

Tweet I got up early to enjoy the sunrise, a cup of coffee, and the Annotated Newspapers of Harbottle Dorr. And then an unexpected visitor showed up.  
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Really? Again? SPEAK labelled pornography

Tweet     Oh, for heavens sakes. A guy named Richard Swier in Florida thinks that SPEAK is “child pornography.” I wish I were making that up. SPEAK is cautionary tale about the emotional aftermath of rape. It tackles bullying, depression, rape, sexual harassment, and family dysfunction. It teaches children that when bad things happen, […]
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My conflicted relationship with George Washington

Tweet           I have a conflicted relationship with George Washington. This bubbles to the surface every time I see someone misattribute a quote to him on Facebook, or misstate facts about his changing attitudes about sundry and various things, or pass along bald-faced lies.       Having read way too […]
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