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Awake in the dark

Tweet It is hard for me to think about anything except for the struggles of the Japanese people right now.
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Badass dames

Tweet Helllllllooooooo Women’s History Month! The fantabulous dames over at readergirlz have designated March as Risk-Taking Month. On the last day of February (Loyalty Month) they featured Independent Dames; What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution. But given the subject matter, I think we can celebrate it in both […]
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I will

TweetThis October I’ll be turning 50 years old. I am using this as my excuse for just about anything and everything these days. One of the things I decided around New Year’s was to give myself permission to exercise as much as I want all year. I adore working out but often allow other commitments […]
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We made it to March!!

TweetYes, it is still below freezing outside. But that is the SUN SHINING, people!!! We haven’t seen that in these parts for MONTHS!!! Look – evidence! The weatherman is only calling for snow in four out of the next seven days! Time for the bathing suits!
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