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Road Warrior

Tweet Some people have asked about my decision to travel with only a carry-on on this tour. So far, it’s going great. It helps that I am not terribly fussy about my clothes. I’m wearing dri-fit yoga pants on the tour, with a dryfit black tee-shirt topped by a shirt which is, I hope, more […]
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FORGE tour – Week 1, pt 2

Tweet WHATTA BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you to everyone for the kind messages and good thoughts. If the rest of the world knew how much fun it is to turn 49, they wouldn’t angst about it so much. Special thanks to the teens, parents, librarians, teachers, and booksellers at the Pittsford B&N for making my birthday FORGE […]
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FORGE book tour – Week 1, part 1

Tweet First – apologies for not posting in the past week. Things have been crazy, wonderful and busy. Second – thank you, Garrison Keillor!!! I have been a huge fan of his forever and a long-time follower of his daily Writer’s Almanac feature. So you can imagine my thrill when I woke up this morning […]
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Let the Forge book tour begin!

TweetI’m leaving for the airport in a few minutes! This is an experimental book tour; I’m only traveling with a carry-on bag and a big purse. Am bringing my iPad instead of a laptop. Traveling so light feels a little weird and a little scary, to be honest. So stay tuned. I’ll try to blog […]
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Can I Do It On The Road

Tweet Apologies to the Beatles. This is a test post to see if I can post a blog using the WordPress app for the iPad. Crossing fingers to see if it will work!
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FORGE earns Star #3!

Tweet Things are shifting into high gear in the Forest as the book tour approacheth. The suitcase is semi-packed and the washing machine is busy. Hotel and airplane reservations have all been made. More chickens have decided to lay eggs. Ok, that last bit it not exactly tour-related. But this is. The Horn Book has […]
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Good Historical Fiction = Historical Thrillers

Tweet Went to sleep last night with stars in my eyes, because FORGE has been granted its THIRD starred review. (I will disclose the source and the review itself next week.) Woke up with butterflies in my stomach. Why? I leave on the FORGE book tour in one week. I am probably better known as […]
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Two Weeks to FORGE! (sort of)

Tweet You know how when J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer or Suzanne Collins releases a new book there are VERY STRICT RULES about what day it is allowed to be sold to the public? And how bookstores hold parties the night before the on-sale date and start selling the book at the stroke of midnight? […]
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Except That You Really Need to Read This

Tweet Remember Risha Mullins, the nationally board certified English teacher who was hounded from her job in Kentucky last year? Risha has written about the entire episode. It will chill your blood. This is why we must continue to speak loudly.
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Old Week Ends, New Week Begins

Tweet Banned Books Week is over. I wish I could report on the status of Wes Scroggins’ challenge in Republic, MO, but I have not been able to get official notification of  what is going on. There is a school board meeting later this month. Perhaps they’ll post something in the minutes. There are a […]
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