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WFMAD Day 31 – End of the challenge

Tweet The 3rd Annual Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge has reached its last day. We made it! How did you do? If you did not write every day this month, do me a favor. Instead of beating yourself up, or lining up the excuses why you failed despite the best of intentions, take that […]
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WFMAD Day 30 – your time is your currency

TweetMy friend Susan Campbell Bartoletti has a new book out: They Called Themselves the K.K.K.: The Birth of an American Terrorist Group. You should buy it and read it. Five reviewing publications have given it stars (so far). Sue has written a fascinating account of her research trip to Arkansas to attend a KKK Congress. […]
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WFMAD Day 29 – Question Day Two

Tweet More questions today, with the added bonus of answers!! ::shoos chickens out of way:: Not sure if you can answer this, but how do the covers of books get chosen? It’s kind of a mystery to me, too. Publishers have departments of people who are artists. They have other departments filled with sales and […]
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WFMAD Day 28 – Question Day One

Tweet As we wind down the 3rd Annual WFMAD Challenge, I figured I should probably finish answering some of the questions you guys have asked this month. Without further delay… How do you find dependable research for your historical novels? I find out which academics have done the most current research, I read their books, […]
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WFMAD Day 27 – Friday five for your writing

Tweet Bookavore, bookseller extraordinaire at WORD in Brooklyn (and my oldest kid) has weighed in with a resolution to remedy the mud-slinging that seems to be heating up between adult “literary fiction” authors and adult “genre fiction” authors. (You haven’t heard about the feud? Details here.) If you, too, were a Model UN nerd in […]
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WFMAD Day 26 – Wild Spirits Soaring

Tweet Two quick reviews for you: Reading Rants weighs in on FORGE and WINTERGIRLS reviewed in Colorado. How did your writing go yesterday? Mine floooowed. Like creekwater after a thunderstorm. Sugar pouring from a blue china bowl. Like round hips swaying under a loose skirt to a hot salsa trumpet. Seriously. It was that good. […]
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WFMAD Day 25 – great books to read & vote for

Tweet First – congrats to my friend David Macinnis Gill on the publication of his new book, BLACK HOLE SUN!! I got to read an early copy and here is what I said about it: “Black Hole Sun grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go until the last page. In the best tradition […]
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WFMAD Day 24 – molding characters from clay and pencil shavings

Tweet I received this request from a reader last week. “Thank u so much for the prompts!! could u mayb please write abt how u get to know ur character? & the charcters devlpment?” There are oodles of places where you can find lists of character traits that you might find handy when you are […]
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WFMAD Day 23 – right to speak, right to read, right to write

Tweet Saturday’s post on the censorship issues surrounding the Teen Lit Fest In Humble, TX led to a wonderful series of comments and ongoing discussion. Thanks again to everyone who has chimed in. One reader wrote in with a link to a censorship lesson plan for 3rd – 5th graders. Janni Lee Simner wrote about […]
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WFMAD Day 22 – indie love & flap copy

Tweet Wow!! Thank you to everyone who chimed into yesterday’s discussion about the most effective ways to deal with censorship. I really appreciate the obvious time and thought that went into your comments. I’ll post more on this tomorrow, including a link to a lesson plan from a teacher who has put together a unit […]
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