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Ready to Write?

Tweet Twenty-four hours to go until my annual Write Fifteen Minutes a Day (WFMAD) Challenge!! I feel like a boxer’s trainer, rubbing her shoulders, fanning her with a towel, about to push her to the center of the ring and say “Go get ’em, champ.” Are any of you taking the plunge a day early? […]
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My writer’s group & WFMAD approacheth

TweetAre you ready? Pencils sharpened, pens lined up, fingers nimble? The Third Annual LHA Write Fifteen Minutes a Day challenge starts on Sunday, August 1st! ::cue roaring crowd and bawking chickens:: WFMAD is a bit like NaNoWriMo, but better. Because writing the draft of a novel in one month (which is the goal of NaNoWriMo) […]
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Utah adventure

Tweet(Pre-post entertainment. Are you following the results of the Top 100 YA Novels poll over at Persnickety Snark? Check it out!)What with all the new website hullaboo, things have been not quite as serene as normal, so I am way behind on telling you about the BYU Children’s Literature Symposium.(Thank you, by the way, for […]
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Unveiling new Mad Woman in the Forest website!!

TweetI’ve mentioned the website overhaul that we’ve been working on in the Forest for a while now. While the old site was very pretty, we had a lot of complaints about the Flash and navigation issues that gave me migraines.Enough of the new site is up and running that we can unveil this, the beta […]
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Video Sunday

TweetI’m thinking of making Sunday into video day on my blog. What do you think?Here’s a video that was sent to me by Tony, who is a future English teacher (student teaching this fall) in Pennsylvania. He wrote this song based on SPEAK and the stories of some friends of his who were raped.If you […]
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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!

Tweet For the first time ever in my life, I was ahead of a cultural trend.You know how some people are early adopters? Those who are super early to things are called beta testers. Traditionally I have been an omega adopter. I find out about a trend or new music or slang a year or two AFTER […]
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Chicken update – cute predator alert

TweetThis was going to be an update about my chickens.I was going to tell you all about the Chicken Palace. I was going to point out how the coop itself has two levels. The girls stay in the upper level (it comes complete with nesting boxes and roosts) at night because it is the most protected part […]
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First review of FORGE is in!!!

Tweet I know many of you have been wondering about the contents of FORGE. Sadly, you’ll have to wait 101 days until the 10/19 publication date to really sink your teeth into it.But Richie Partington of Richie’s Pick’s has posted the first review of it, for those who want an early taste.“07 July 2010 FORGE […]
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Wintergirls coming to the UK!!

TweetLots of people ask me how much influence authors have on their covers. The truth is (at least for me) not a lot. I have raised a few objections now and then and have always been patted gently on the head and told to leave these things to the experts and while I’m at it, […]
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You know what would be cool?

TweetThat’s a key question in The Forest. When my husband or I start out a conversation with "You know what would be cool?" it generally means that something fairly cool is about to happen.Like…. a writing cottage will be built.Or we take up chicken farming. You get the picture.So when we were planning for our son’s […]
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