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ALA pics & recovery

TweetDo not lean to close to the screen whilst reading this; I have a Summer Death Cold and don’t want to infect you. I ran this post through the anti-virus thingie, but you know viruses; always mutating.Wash your hands when you are finished reading. And increase your Vitamin C intake.And now to my ALA recap. (I did […]
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My ALA schedule

TweetWhere will I be during the American Library Association conference in Washington DC this week?Friday June 25th – I’ll be hanging around the YALSA Preconference all day long, worshipping librarians and thanking them for being such an important part of the lives of teen readers.I’ll also be speaking on the Author Panel from 1 – 2pm, […]
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Taking advantage of the longest days & WFMAD anyone?

TweetSorry to have been to absent from blogging, my friends. We’ve been taking advantage of the long days in the garden. A very generous friend showed up with a pick-up truck filled with herbs. The herb garden by the cottage that I was going to work on this fall is now on an accelerated schedule! […]
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Gardening with chickens & ingenious bookstore event

TweetA bunch of you have written asking for chicken update pictures. Earlier this week, BH and I took a couple of the girls out to help us weed the flower beds. They are bug-eating machines. A man and his chicks.Along with the garden (we’ve been eating the first peas this week) and the chickens, we’ve been […]
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Writing about race for kids

TweetBack in January, bookseller Elizabeth Bluemle and I had a conversation about white privelege and issues of race in children’s publishing and children’s literature, two topics that had been much on our minds.Elizabeth kept pondering and talking to people in the industry and has now published a post called "The Elephant in the Room," complete […]
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And more Abigail

Tweet This round of historical detection is ending. This is the house that Abigail and John Adams lived in after they returned from Europe. They called it Peacefield.I found much material to make me ponder and start planning a different research trip to some obscure archives. I adore primary sources, don’t you?
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TweetYes, this is the house where Abigail Smith Adams was born and where she lived until she married John Adams. I had goosebumps all day yesterday as I walked around the house, her parents’ gravesites, and was able to touch her father’s Bible.(This is all for a picture book I’m writing about Abigail. I don’t know when it […]
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Chicken Update & suitcase

TweetThe chickens continue their nuclear growth. Now they have tail feathers that look like a Victorian lady’s bustle. Here’s a quick clip filmed by Queen Louise of me in the temporary play yard with them.I’m off on a research trip for my Abigail Adams picture book. Not sure if I’ll be blogging or vlogging from […]
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Batting Monday Clean-up

TweetYou know the sound a car engine makes at the RPMs are climbing and you are preparing to shift into the next gear?Make that sound in your mind right now.I’m getting ready to shift gears and go full throttle on a number of projects.Before I can do that, though, I have to clean off a couple […]
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My book signing today

Tweet I am signing today at the Clay, NY, Barnes & Noble at 1pm.This is a fundraiser for Paige’s Butterfly Run, a charity that raises money to support he families of kids with cancer and contribute to research.I beg you. Print out the voucher before you come, so that a portion of the sale will go to […]
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