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BEA (book expo) Vlog & FORGE signing

TweetI spent Tuesday – Thursday of this week at BEA – the gigunda annual trade show for booksellers in New York City. It was crazy-intense and wonderful. I got to hear smart people talk, saw friends be honored, receive some nice recognition from independent booksellers for some of my work, sign LOTS of books, go to parties, […]
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Brilliant Win of Kate Messner

TweetI don’t have much time this morning, but I wanted to post a quick video from last night. This is for Kate Messner, who couldn’t be here at BEA because she is a dedicated teacher and she is teaching this week.That did not stop her book, The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z, from winning a big […]
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Chickens grow right in front of your eyes!

TweetOur chickens are two weeks old and all seem very healthy. Incredibly healthy. In fact, I am wondering if our proximity to the nuclear power plant is influencing their stupendous growth rate.BH has been slowly turning a pile of scrap lumber into the coop, but some recent chicken test flightsaccelerated the schedule. Below you’ll see a […]
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Have I mentioned recently how much I love my job?

TweetThere is a kid in Oregon who loves CHAINS. He loves it so much that he wrote an original song about it and then made this video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end. There is a surprise there that might bring tears to your eyes. That’s what happened to me.
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Author Fantasy

TweetMany people think that the life of the author must be incredibly glamorous, filled with cheering crowds of adoring fans, travel by limo, and being heralded by marching bands.If you read this blog regularly, you know that the reality is very far removed from that fantasy.Except for yesterday.The Teen Book Festival in Rochester is the […]
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Rochester-bound & chicken moment of zen

Tweet(Zen can be found at the bottom of this post.)A couple of people have written to ask how our dog, the Creature With Fangs, is taken the arrival of the baby chickens. (The CWF is a large, neurotic German Shepherd.)We have not made the necessary introductions yet. There is a very good chance we never […]
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Today’s chick pic

TweetI am not going to turn into one of those people who posts pictures of cute animals and anthropomorphizes every shake of a beak or flap of a winglet or blink of a beady eye.I hope.
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Chicken Day!!

TweetI’ve been talking about adding chickens (and goats and pigs and turkeys and ducks and heaven knows what else) to our Forest for a while. BH got jazzed about the challenge of building a safe chicken coop out of scrap lumber and I have been lusting after eggs, and WARNING!! VEGETARIANS SKIP THE NEXT GRAF!chicken that I can eat without being […]
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Yep, I’m still here!!

TweetNo, I have not dropped off the face of the planet. I’ve just been a bit busy.BUT!You can see me ALL DAY at the Teen Book Festival in Rochester, NY this Saturday.OR you can read my Book Brahmin interview at Shelf Awareness, in which I answer questions about books.OR (blushing about this one) you can read this […]
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