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Instead of writing a blog today…

TweetI’ll be busy at the New York SLMS conference, hanging with awesome librarians, and (rumor has it) picking up the Knickbocker Award, which I am stoked about. Details and pics later, I promise. Be sure to squeeze in some poetry today and make time to hug a librarian!!!!
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Don’t You Just Love Writers Who Can Say What You Feel?

TweetSo do me a favor today.Read Deb Heiligman’s post about the LA Times Book Prize and Festival & the power of childrens’ literature and missing her mom.Deb is one of my bestest friends, which means I am now going to call and yell at her and thank her in the same breath for making me cry.It […]
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For the record?

TweetIt is snowing outside right now. No, I’m not kidding. This is why I haven’t transplanted my seedlings yet.
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Meet Me at Second Life – TONIGHT!

TweetThe MORE half-marathon was a blast, despite several hours of torrential downpours. We ran. We conquered.We got our bling!(More pics of the race.)I’m headed to catch the train home. When I get there, I’ll be participating in a Second Life Virtual Author Visit from 8 – 9 pm EST.Details:Hang with Laurie: Virtual Author Visit with Laurie […]
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Can You Stand Even More Excitement?!

Tweet::cues drummers::Are you ready for my BIG NEWS?CHAINS has made the shortlist for the Carnegie Medal in the United Kingdom!!This is officially a Big Freaking Deal. As in, I hyperventilated when I heard. The Carnegie is the equivalent of the Newbery Award in the UK. Take a look at the other authors on the list. […]
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Simon & Schuster Day!

TweetI am staying with my friend Deb Heiligman and her husband whilst in NYC. Deb beat me to the blogging punch yesterday about how fashionable we were as we power-walked down to 52nd Street. Turnabout is fair play so this is what Deb looked liked before our walk yesterday.My day at Simon & Schuster started with […]
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Big Apple

TweetSo I’m in NYC now for a mixture of business and fun. Today I’ll be at the offices of Simon & Schuster, tomorrow I’ll be at Penguin, Saturday is a research/family day and Sunday I’ll be running a half-marathon in Central Park.Monday I limp home.I have a camera with me. What do you want me to […]
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Tabs like seeds growing & a poem to make you sing

TweetI’m in cleaning frenzy mode before the NYC trip.  This morning’s task is to clean up all the open tabs. I hope you are feeling in a clickety-linkety mood this morning.A day this beautiful should begin on a note of poetry perfectly balanced between joy and melancholy. Read "Some Me of Beauty" by Carolyn M. Rodgers.My […]
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Magic Question of Revision

TweetI am busy created content for my website. Here is one of the videos, in which I deal with the phrase "rough draft" and then give you the Magic Question of Revision.Any thoughts?
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Garden update

TweetWe are still about a month away from our last frost date, but I’ve gotten massive amounts of work done already.Without really thinking about it too much, my husband and I are edging closer and closer to a more or less sustainable lifestyle. I guess the goal is to produce as much of our own food […]
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