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Answers to writing questions

TweetI answered about 50 questions on Twitter today (scroll to look for posts on afternoon of 3/29). Most were about writing process, some were about my books.Next Twitter Live Q & A is scheduled for 4pm (EST) April 13th.Just sayin’.
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Garden season starts and overseas books arrive

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I have a question for you

TweetWe are doing another website overhaul. The old site has gorgeous visuals, but the navigation has become problematic and the Flash is a headache. The new site will be a lot easier to figure out and will have more content. What do you want to see on it?
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Crazy Love

Tweet(Announcement: I am preparing another vlog. What questions do you want answered? End of announcement)(And now we return to our regularly scheduled blog) Seriously? Sarah Hale is the answer to your Women’s History month needs. Ask Bonnie Jacobs.What else do we have in here,….. ::rummages:: ah, yes! A lovely WINTERGIRLS review from Norway.And much appreciated nods from […]
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Thanking Indies who care

TweetA quick entry… life is almost back to normal, I swear.Thank you, Children’s Book World, for showing the love to THANK YOU, SARAH!!
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Cue the National Geographic Music!

TweetSorry to have been so absent this week, friends. Beloved Husband had shoulder surgery and has needed some tending; mostly to make sure that he sort-of, kind-of follows doctor’s orders. I’m happy to report he is mending well.I’ll be posting two videos very soon: one will show examples of how I took historical fact and turned […]
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What Really Matters

TweetAll work here in the Forest today will be suspended at noon today. Georgetown is playing SU in the Big East tournament. This is A Big Deal here.Queen Louise is supporting Syracuse.I stand faithfully behind my beloved Hoyas.Bring it!
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A Long Time Coming

TweetWhen I read this news, it made me cry."About 15,000 African slaves and their descendants were once unceremoniously buried under what is today Manhattan— and forgotten. On Saturday, a new visitor center opened near the rediscovered cemetery from the 17th and 18th centuries to celebrate the ethnic Africans who had toiled, many unpaid, to help […]
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Vlogging about ideas, seeds, and squirrels

TweetI have many more tips about what to do with ideas (obviously!), but I didn’t think you wanted to watch a 15-hour video. Stay tuned here over the next couple of months or subscribe to my Youtube Channel.
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on running, FORGE and parsnips

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