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Microblog: what’s your percentage?

TweetThis is how we can have a rational conversation about health insurance. Ask yourself and everyone you know three questions:1. What percentage of your annual income do you spend on health care costs?* 2. How many people does that cover? 3. What do you think is a reasonable percentage?My husband and I (both self-employed) spend […]
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Microblog: paperback news, Aussie love & librarian contest

TweetHappy bookday!Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookseller and pick up your copy of WINTERGIRLS in paperback!! If it is icy in your neighborhood, or you don’t feel like going outside, order your copy from an independent bookseller via Indiebound. Do you want to order a copy that will arrived already personalized and signed by […]
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CYBILS!! Breaking into macromode to celebrate!!!

TweetI have been holed up in the writing cottage, writing, but so many people came knocking on that I crawled out, blinking, into the bewildering sunshine of February.And found several nice honors waiting for me.  CHAINS is the winner of the 2009 Cybil for Middle Grade Fiction!!!!!! ::gasps::::coughs::::reaches for inhaler::Really? I had to check and double-check and […]
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Microcelebrating a great idea

TweetBecause black history is American history, because black history has significance and meaning for all Americans, let’s celebrate Black History Month all year long!!!!
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TweetI have to interrupt today’s wonderful writing to drive to the city for a mammogram. This is just like stopping in the middle of a delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese to brush my teeth with cow dung. And yes, I know it is good for me. (The mammogram, not the cow dung.) That’s why I […]
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Microblog – things I thought would never happen

TweetMy writing is going well. So well, I’m having a hard time sleeping. (This is a good thing.)Amazon has stopped being the bookstore bully, for the time-being.Blogosphere is having good and overdue discussions about telling the stories of all kids.Wendy Glenn wrote a book about me. This feels very odd.Back to writing.
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Microblogging Amazon’s Shoving Match

TweetI’ll make this fast.Amazon is feuding with publishers. Reuters explains why.Other people have written smart and funny blog entries about it. Like Deb Heiligman. And John Scalzi. The Author’s Guild just started Who Moved My Buy Button?The Buy button is missing from the hardcover version of SPEAK because it is published by FS&G, which is […]
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TweetConfused about Amazon vs. Macmillian and everyone else? Harkaway explains.I loved his book, BTW.
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I double-dog dare you

TweetLet’s see how short I can make this post….I double-dog dare you to step away from the Internet for the month of February.Don’t blog.Don’t read blogs.Loose track of the shenanigans of celebrities and politicians.Do not update your status, your mood. Let your Farmville fall apart and your Cafe close.Why do I suggest this?Because so many of you are […]
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