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Vote for your favorite chapter books OF ALL TIME!

TweetI am at the Kindling Words conference kindling new book ideas.You are sitting at your computer and you need something fun to do.Fuse #8 is running the poll and has all of the instructions. Get yourself over there and read them, then start compiling your list – now!The deadline in January 31st.Hurry!
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Oh Happy Day!

TweetThere is a lot of music in my head. I always have a song playing in the background of my mind and I ALWAYS wake up hearing a song on Radio Laurie. That song often reflects my mood. This makes it easy to figure out what I’m feeling.Yeah, weird. I know. But it is the only […]
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More Thoughts on Why Book Pirates Suck

TweetWell!That hit a nerve, didn’t it? My dog listened to all of yesterday’s comments carefully.If you want to read some fascinating stuff, scroll through the comments to yesterday’s original "Book Pirates Suck" post. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to comment. Your thoughts helped me clarify my position.Several readers tried to justify book pirating. […]
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Book Pirates Suck

TweetThe book pirates have arrived.What is a book pirate?Someone who illegally downloads a book. It’s happening to me and lots of other authors. Same thing as the music industry. NOT COOL, book pirates. NOT COOL AT ALL.I can hear a few voices in the back of the room shouting, "But I can’t afford books! And it’s the publishers that […]
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In which I relive Valley Forge – briefly!

TweetI am just about finished with FORGE (well, this draft, at least). A small part of my lifestyle already mimics the late 18th century: heating my cottage (and our house) with wood instead of electricity or fossil fuel. I grow a lot of food in the garden. I have been known to scratch out pages of notes […]
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I need a math geek who likes books

TweetWe are still slogging through all of last year’s math. (In addition to doing our taxes – always fun for two self-employed people – we are doing one of those Analyze Ever Blasted Penny We Spent Last Year things, in the hopes that maybe we won’t have to live in our grandchildren’s tree house in […]
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TweetCongratulations to all of the ALA Youth Award winners!!! I am ESPECIALLY happy for Deb Heiligman (Charles & Emma) and Tanya Lee Stone (Almost Astronauts)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations everyone!
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Life-Changing Brussels Sprouts

TweetLast week on my Twitter feed, I raved about a Brussels sprouts recipe that Bookavore made for me. I am trying to be guided by Michael Pollan’s Food Rules guidelines ("Eat food. Not too much. Mostly vegetables."), and finding a Brussels sprouts recipe that would allow me to enjoy the slimy little suckers amazing cruciferous […]
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Mrs. Avery is Haunting Me & Awesome Idea at End of Post

TweetLet’s start with the ridiculous today, shall we? For the last three days I have been suffering from a virulent earworm. (I get a lot of these, but rarely do they linger so long.)The song?Sylvia’s Mother by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Please suffer with me:And who wrote that song? Shel Silverstein. (Isn’t it […]
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Friday Five

Tweet1. The only thing of consequence on my mind is the suffering of the people of Haiti. 2. See above. 3. See above. 4. See above. 5. See above. I’ll try to post again tomorrow. I actually have lots of news about various and sundry things, but honestly? It all seems trivial. ::bows head again::
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