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Reflecting on a decade

TweetFirst things first!  All of the creatures in the Forest wish you and yours a healthy and happy New Year!For me, this has been the most unexpected, exciting decade a person could possibly enjoy. I feel like I’ve lived thirty years in the past ten, and that is a rather cool feeling. But I have […]
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Working On It

TweetI’ve been thinking a lot about the past decade. Look for a post later today. How was the last decade for you?
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It’s Getting Silly Around Here & Revision Tip 23

TweetThe Creature With Fangs Elfed yesterday.My Beloved Husband Elfed yesterday.Queen Louise Elfed yesterday.And I did, too.A most merry time, indeed!Revision Tip #23I rarely have the image systems of my books in mind when I start writing. But by the end of the first or second draft, some image (symbol for Eng lit majors) has cropped up […]
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The care and feeding of julenisse & Revision Tip #22

TweetAll work in the Forest today will grind to a halt as we enjoy the ceremonial viewing of Elf. And we might even make spaghetti with maple syrup. I got to thinking about my family’s tradition of setting out rice pudding for the julenisse. Nisse have been around long before Christmas celebrations. English words that […]
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Two Tips In One Day!

TweetGood Solstice, everyone! I feel like calling your main character Rudolph today. (Humor me.) Revision Tip #20 Don’t make it too easy on Rudolph. Your story should not be a tale of the desires of Rudolph. It should be the thwarted desires of Rudolph up until the very end, when finally, FINALLY, things go right, […]
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Revision Tip #19

TweetBeware of echoes and doppelgängers! Maybe I am the only writer in the world who suffers from this bad habit. It makes me crazy. I do it in every blasted book, no matter how hard I try to be aware of it early in the process and avoid it. I always create characters that are […]
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Christmas Memories & Revision Tip #18

TweetSometimes people forget that I wrote PROM because it is not exactly a depressing book. In fact, it’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself. (If I had dread, depression and death in all of my books, I would not be a healthy person!) So it is with great joy that I announce that […]
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ThinkB4YouSpeak & Revision Tip #17 – consider the reader

TweetWonderful news of positive change from GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)! After one year of their hard-hitting "Think Before You Speak" campaign, teens attitudes about anti-gay language have significantly shifted. From the GLSEN website: "For instance, findings from a recent survey conducted by the Ad Council in 2008 and 2009 of teens […]
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Skipped one, sorry about that, Revision Tip # 16

TweetYesterday was…. let’s not go into it. Today is here and that is all that matters. If you are still shopping for a winter holiday, read "Cheese and Crackers Never Changed Anyone’s Life" and then finish your shopping at Indiebound. There now – wasn’t that simple? Congratulations to Melissa on this WINTERGIRLS video – the […]
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Monday Madness & Revision Tip #14

TweetMy local paper ran an article yesterday about my reaction to the recent book challenges. The photographer who came up here to the Forest got a great shot of the magic window. (For the record, I just turned 48 years old, not 49. Geesh.) It is rare that the part of my brain that writes […]
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