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What have I been up to? Report from June 60th & WFMAD news!

TweetI seem to spend most of my time trying to get my feet under me these days. I’m getting to the last of the paperwork generated from my mom’s death and setting up my dad so his life is worry-free. We’ve had a couple of extended family concerns that are working themselves out. I hope and […]
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Warming Up

TweetI am going to try and write the Mother-Of-All-ALA reports tomorrow. Yes, with pictures. I have a particularly fine one of Neil Gaiman taken from approximately 400 miles away. First up: thank you for all the kind wishes about the death of my father-in-law. BH and I appreciate each and every one. With the deaths of his father […]
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Another passage

TweetI am very sorry I did not post from ALA. I had a marvelous time and took lots of pictures and promise to fill you in on all the details within the next day or so. But the sad news is that I had to leave ALA early because my father-in-law was dying. Imet my […]
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Sat. Surprise – Wall Street Journal on YA books

TweetI’m headed out to the airport for ALA, but I couldn’t pass this one up.There is a Wall Street Journal article that talks about the high quality of literary YA fiction. (Thank you, Anne M. for the alert!)Enjoy.(I promise to post from ALA. And I’ll be tweeting, too.)
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Do you think they should get rid of BBYA?

TweetI know I’ve been under a rock for the past six week, but I had no idea there were discussions about eliminating the Best Books For Young Adults List. Argh!Liz B. explains what’s going on and gives her excellent opinion.A quick bit of noodling came up with the responses of Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan. They […]
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ALA Schedule for this weekend

TweetToday is June 38th. Time is still not moving as slow as I’d like!Yes, somehow it is time for ALA again. My speeches are almost done, but I haven’t started thinking about what I’m going to wear. This might be the year I show up in my pajamas. You have been warned.If you are headed […]
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WFMAD announcement and In the meantime….

TweetI was planning on repeating last July’s Write 15 Minutes A Day Challenge (WFMAD), but between my mother’s death and some other complicated family business that needs to remain in the family, it’s not going to happen this month.As a matter of fact, I am not ready for July at all.Therefore, I declare today to be June […]
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