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Welcome Zoe!

TweetI am happy to announce the debut of my newest book, The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes To School, a very silly picture book with astounding illustrations by Ard Hoyt:This is how my publisher describes it: "Mom and Dad Fleefenbacher think their daughter Zoe’s hair is wild and beautiful. And for her kindergarten teacher, Zoe’s […]
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Starting Over

TweetI’ve been trying to figure out how to start this post all day. And I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so bear with me. Many thanks for the countless emails, comments, and cards you’ve sent in the last couple of weeks. The love and support are very much appreciated.  I’m not ready to write […]
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Thank you and a Question for Teachers

TweetThis is Queen Louise calling all teachers and librarians….. do any of you know of schools using Laurie’s book SPEAK in their curriculum? If so, would you share the names of the school districts. If you are one of those teachers, please email me at We are interested to know if they are Middle […]
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Joyce Holcomb Halse

TweetThis has been two weeks filled with emotion, gratefulness, pride, compassion, and comfort for Laurie and her family. Joyce completed her journey on June 14, 2009. Joyce spreading joy during a family holiday celebration.Joyce, with her furry grandchild, The Creature with Fangs, the only person that Joyce requested in her final days.After a lengthy illness, […]
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Dark Times and Deep Discusions

TweetHere I am again… Queen Louise, that is. A while back, Laurie posted a picture of her mom, sitting quietly on a porch, reading a book. I am holding this peaceful picture in my thoughts, because Laurie and Hospice are helping Joyce through the final days of a wonderful life. Even though this is a […]
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Cover Girl

TweetFile this one under “Things Laurie Never Dreamed Would Happen, Even When She Was Dreaming Absurdly Big.” I am the June cover girl for School Library Journal. If you have to be plastered on a magazine cover, this is definitely the classiest and coolest. Thankfully, the only cover image you can find online is sort […]
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Writing Advice from La Wharton

TweetI finally finished Hermione Lee’s biography of Edith Wharton. I probably won’t reread it, but it was interesting enough to slog through all 800-plus pages. I copied out two quotes for you. The first one has to do with the books in Edith’s library. She frequently wrote in the books she was reading and had […]
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Time Travel

TweetI am getting ready to beam back to the 1740s. Am bringing my own toilet paper. I will answer the questions that came in over the weekend upon my return. While I’m gone, can you please post links to the best blogging done about BEA this year? Also, if YOU were beaming back to the […]
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