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Pout-a-Thon Day 3, with DONUTS

TweetI forgot to pout this morning because I got so caught up in my research! ARGH! Bad self! Bad self! But then I read a bunch of blogs where everyone wrote all glowy about BEA. Now my lower lip is jutting out again, creating, as my grandfather used to point out, the perfect perch for […]
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Torturing people in the lunch line at the Javits Center

TweetI picked the first crop of lettuce from my garden for today’s salad. Threw in fresh chives, too. What are you having for lunch?
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BEA Pout-a-Thon Day 2

TweetThis is fun! If you have a chance, scroll through yesterday’s comments. Be sure to chime today, telling me how you are pouting because somehow your invitation and plane tickets to BEA got lost in the mail. We’ll have us a good old communal pout and then write another book. Here is something to make […]
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How to pout and improve your writing at the same time

TweetOK, these writing suggestions are a little basic, I know, but I would like to point out that most of us are stuck at home in our pjs, not living the high life at BEA. So maybe we need to learn a few new things. ::poutpoutpoutpoutpout:: ::reaches for the caviar-stuffed potato skins:: What would you […]
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No, I’m not at BEA. Yes, I’m pouting. Join me?

TweetI have nothing to whine about. I know. I’ve been to BEA (The Mother of All Bookseller/Author Conferences) many times. And I’ve had a blast. But like I said, I am NOT whining. I’ve been all over the place the last six months, met awesome booksellers and readers, and it is only fair that my […]
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Writing Prompt!!

TweetI haven’t done one of these in a long time, but since I am diving back into being a writer (as opposed to being an author, which has consumed the last several months for me), I figured you should, too. This is the surprise I found in my garden this morning. Write for fifteen minutes […]
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A long weekend’s worth of links & deviled egg inquiry

TweetI am slowly transitioning from insane farmer woman back to being a writer who gardens a little. By the end of the weekend, the new vegetable plots should be finished, seedlings in, and seeds sown. And it’s a good thing because I am itching to get back to writing. All the travel and work stress […]
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Halfway through the garden

TweetIf you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter the past week, you’ve noticed I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in the garden. What’s up with that? It’s my therapy. After the insane amount of travel the past six months, my brain is fried and my soul is tattered. There was no earthly way […]
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Appreciating your goodness and harvesting rocks

TweetWow. You guys are incredible. I can’t begin to express how much your comments and emails about the New York Times discussion board kerfuffle meant to me. Thank you, thank you!!! I am blessed to have such kind readers and friends! Because of the stress from the past six months of travel, and losing my […]
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Debates about WINTERGIRLS and camera in my face

TweetMy face still hurts… for so many reasons. School Library Journal sent a photographer to our house yesterday to take a picture of me that will run (July, I think) with an article about the Margaret A. Edwards Award. It’s going to be the cover photo, so there were specific demands of the picture in […]
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