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My LA Times Festival of Books Brush With Greatness

TweetSee… I TOLD you I’d do it. But I’m going to make it quick because I leave on the next journey in 10 hours. The LA Times Book Festival was off the hook. It is by far the largest and most prestigious book festival in the country. I suspect that attendance came close to 150,000 […]
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Really… I still blog

TweetI was in LA for the Festival of Books all weekend, came home sick, and am now preparing to leave again tomorrow. But I swear to you I will post a blog today! Until then, I have a question: I have a picture book coming out next month. A silly one. Are any of you […]
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Candles lit in the gloom & cottage pics

TweetIt’s a dreary day in the Forest, but we have candles lit and good music playing to chase the gloom away. (Linguistic tangent: The OED does not think “gloom” is in anyway connected to or descended from the Old English word “glóm”, which describes the growing darkness at twilight. What kind of tea are they […]
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Earth Day & Peruvian wrap-up

TweetHappy Earth Day! Go pick up some trash, turn out the lights, and plant something! So, yeah! I am home. I leave again on Friday, but let’s not talk about that right now.****** I loved Peru. I loved the kindness of the Peruvian people, the energy of Lima, the incredible food, and the experience of […]
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Mas Lima

TweetI think I have time to post a few photos. The opening paragraphs of Charlotte’s Web, La telaraña de Carlota, in Spanish. The adorable 1st and 2nd graders I talked to yesterday. The fruit section of the grocery store is a religious experience, especially the giant mounds of pineapples. This is the blue corn they […]
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Couple quick pics

TweetI have an early start today, so only have time to post a couple pics. My first llama sighting!!! This was at Huaca Pucllana, the pre-Incan ruin in the middle of the city. EXTREMELY interesting place! Crime can be a problem here, but the government has responded with a visible police presence. The police are […]
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Still llovely in Llima

TweetAm dashing off to the school today. Will try and post blog and photos from the weekend tonight. One fascinating point – most of the web pages I look at are coming up in Spanish first, like MySpace and Facebook. LJ comes up in English.
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More airport coffee, llooking for llamas

TweetI’m back in the Atlanta airport, waiting, this time, for the plane that will take me to Lima, Peru. No, this is not part of the book tour. I am going to Lima to speak at an American School there, the same way that I went to Warsaw, Poland in 2007. Many people have written […]
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Tour recap!!!

TweetI’m about halfway packed for Peru and halfway caught up on business stuff, so I think I deserve a little break to fill you in on the second half of the WINTERGIRLS tour. This sums it up nicely. (One of the lovely things given to me by a reader while I was on the road.) […]
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Update on that update

TweetI am home for a few days and not drowning in the backlog of mail, thanks to the gloriousness that is Queen Louise. Plus, she’ll totally organized the office in my absence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes. I would take a bullet for La Queen.) The, erm, somewhat frantic news is that I have to repack my suitcase because […]
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