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Harvesting those writing questions again

TweetI’m off on a totally cool adventure today. In my absence, please tell me any of your writing or publishing questions that I forgot to answer, so I can answer them next week. Feel free to make up new ones, too. Do you know anyone who lives around San Francisco? Tell them to check out […]
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Love from USA Today and a Skype visit with readers

TweetUSA Today gave an early shout-out to WINTERGIRLS and the 10th anniversary edition of SPEAK in the Book Buzz column yesterday!!! (There was dancing in the Forest.) Once the excitement about that died down, it was time for the First Grand Experiment With an Online School Visit. Through the miracle that is Skype, I sat […]
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Finding order in chaos

TweetSpent all day yesterday sorting through receipts. Things are fairly under control. Now I have to total things up and prepare the package to send to my accountant. This is something that few of us think about when we dream of becoming a writer. If the stars do line up and you are making a […]
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The need to concentrate

TweetI’m working on my taxes today. Math is an unnatural habit, as far as I’m concerned. My accountant hates me.
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House of Penguin

TweetYesterday was Penguin Day. This is the fun part of being an author; meeting my new publicist, Allison. Videotaped some online publicity pieces. Best part of the day: meeting with 8th graders from the Little Red School House and hearing their comments on WINTERGIRLS. (More on this tomorrow.) We had a party back at the […]
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Eating in Greenpoint

TweetReady to dash off to meetings, but wanted to share some pics from yesterday first. I flew to NYC and met up with daughter Bookavore so she could show me her new world. She lives close to this amazing bakery. When you already have a tattoo that matches the name of your bookstore, it’s a […]
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What do you get when you cross a writer with a computer programmer?

TweetWhat do you get when you cross a writer with a computer programmer?* You get a book-loving daughter who manages a bookstore in Brooklyn and writes a column about technology. My oldest, Stephanie, aka Bookavore, has started a regular column on Shelf Awareness dealing with developing technology that can connect booksellers to readers and authors. […]
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TweetAs part of the 10th Anniversary of SPEAK, I wrote a poem that shares some of the reader reaction I’ve received in the last decade. Below is the video of me reading the poem at NCTE/ALAN last November. You can find a higher quality version of the video on the “Speak Up About Speak” page […]
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One Month and Counting!!!!!!! (and more W&PQ)

TweetLet the countdown begin! WINTERGIRLS goes on sale one month from today!!! In a month, I’ll be on my way to the airport to catch a flight out to California for the beginning of the book tour. The spring will be almost as much of a travel blur as last fall was. Laurie’s Totally Excellent […]
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Thank you, Mark Z!!

TweetFacebook has stepped back from the new language in their Terms of Service, that was of such concern to people posting artistic content to their Facebook pages. I have gone back to importing this blog to my FaceBook page. They have promised new TOS language. I’ll be watching that closely. For right now I’m feeling […]
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