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Book Tour Day 10 – frozen custard & PostSecret

TweetDay 9 started with a drive from Chicago to Milwaukee. We headed to the breathtaking Milwaukee Public Library, where I was greeted by my old friend (and the man who set me on the path to write CHAINS), Ben Franklin. He said he hasn’t read CHAINS yet, but he’s hearing good things about it. I […]
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Book Tour Day 9

TweetI hate baseball, but I love Philadelphia, so GO PHILLIES. (I cannot believe I just wrote that.) Yesterday was a calmer-paced day, which was much appreciated. I went to Crone Middle School, Home of the Cougars to talk to the 8th grade. It was Crazy Tie Day at Crone, and I didn’t have a tie […]
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Book Tour Days 7 & 8 – Playing Catch-up with popcorn and bunnies

TweetSo I’ve been on the road for a week. Things are officially starting to get blurry. Let me play catch-up quick, before I forget everything. Day 7 was Monday and Monday was….. checks notes…. Chicago! Right! Windy City with big shoulders! (Want to know where that phrase came from? Poet Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Chicago.”) My […]
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Why I won’t post on Tuesday

TweetI’m about to board the plane for Omaha and it is already past my bedtime. Day 7 was a blast and very, very busy. I’d show you my pictures except my camera cords are in my suitcase and it is checked luggage because it’s big. So bear with me for a day or so while […]
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Book Tour Days 5 & 6

TweetThe pace this weekend was slower – much appreciated – and allowed me to catch my breath and prepare for Week 2. The lobby of my hotel is decked out for Halloween. This place has a terrific fitness center and I spent yesterday morning on the treadmill watching reruns of the Colbert Show. But let’s […]
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Book Tour Day 4 – catching one’s breath

TweetSaturday! There is no school on Saturday! This is both the bad and good news for me. Bad news because I have been having a blast at the schools I’ve visited. Good news because I have a massive mountain of email to deal with, and – oh, that’s right – I want to write. That […]
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Book Tour Day 3 – Birthday Edition

TweetBefore I ramble on about yesterday, I want to draw your attention to the program that Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, TX has started to provide books to the school libraries destroyed by Hurricane Ike. Please help them restock their shelves. It’s the right thing to do and it will make you feel good all […]
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Book Tour Day 2 & A Chicken

TweetMy cab is on the way to pick me up for an ungodly early flight to Debver, so this will be a quick summary p0st. Day Two = two middle school visits, one diner connected to a school library, one electric car, four cats, a couple chinchillas, a bunch of birds, many, many nice teachers. […]
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Book Tour Day 1 report

Tweet Meet Spike. Spike is the mascot at the St. Bernard’s School in St. Paul, my first official book tour stop. It was a terrific place to launch. After St. Bernard’s my ready, willing and able author schlepper, Kathy, took me to the famous Red Balloon Bookstore. Where I gawked at everything (including this gorgeous […]
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Free Your Mind

TweetIt’s about 7am. I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep (wonder why), so I spent an hour on the treadmill (one of the lovely things about hotels), showered and ate. I don’t get picked up for a couple hours so I am going to try and sneak in a little writing […]
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