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fun things first, then rage

TweetBefore I climb up on my soapbox and rant, I will try to use my “inside voice” and politely share a few things. Thing #1 – You can read about why I wrote CHAINS on the Simon & Schuster website. Thing #2 – Because Simon & Schuster is a totally excellent publisher, you can find […]
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one more friday thing because this poem just rocked me

TweetThis poem by Sherman Alexie is echoing inside me.
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Friday Five

Tweet1. Central New York Literary Event Alert! To celebrate Banned Books Week next week, the Onondaga County Library System is hosting a reception for and presentation by Carolyn Mackler, author of wonderful books like The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, and Vegan Virgin Valentine next Wednesday. BH and I will be there […]
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oh, yeah

TweetSara says it better than me.
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running forward

TweetMany, many thanks to everyone for the kind notes and condolences for my sister and her family. They are muddling through the best they can, and the love of others sure makes a big difference. It was actually very nice to have work as a distraction. So I am drawing the curtain across the lingering […]
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one of those weeks when the tide is out

TweetI have long used the expression “the tide is out” to describe those times when the dark stuff in life is stark and unavoidable. This week qualifies. Early Sunday morning, my brother-in-law, Calvin Stevens Jr., died of a sudden heart attack. He was 45 years old. His son is on his way back from Iraq […]
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TweetMy extended family is going through a rough time right now (not Mom – she’s fine), so posting will be sporadic this week. I received a nice link from a teacher in IL who featured some classroom ideas for SPEAK on her blog. Publicist Deborah Sloan has a few review copies of CHAINS available (scroll […]
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CHAINS extras and genre-bending questions

TweetMy author copies of CHAINS arrived! Opening that box is sort of like being handed your new baby in the hospital. All you can do is gasp and coo and babble. Of course, now I have to keep my very ill Chapter 15, she of the dripping nose and viral motivation infection, from infecting the […]
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Chapter 15 needs me

TweetChapter 15 is like a large toddler who is both teething and suffering a nasty stomach virus. And has the chicken pox. All at the same time. I will be spending the day with Chapter 15, cleaning up her messes and sorting out her woes. If she’s in better shape tomorrow, then I will answer […]
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TweetHere is a terrific questions from sboman: I wanted to ask your opinion about a subject my LJ friends have brought up. You are the perfect person to answer. It was about writing in different genres and whether you think that hurts you with followers wanting more of the same or has helped reach new […]
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