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Me as Robinson Crusoe

TweetWhat with all the family drama this summer, I am a little behind on my writing schedule. (Though I did get in a minimum of 15 minutes a day, every day, even when Mom was in the hospital!) Right now I need about 16-18 hours a day with no interruptions or distractions. I have to […]
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Book Trailer Contest Revision

TweetThank you to everyone who commented and emailed me about the book trailer contest deadline yesterday. You confirmed my hunch. I have two announcements. 1. To everyone who has submitted a book trailer as of today. Please email your mailing address to Officemouse AT writerlady DOT com as soon as possible. Your trailer is still […]
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need help with a muddle

TweetSo…. that giant book trailer contest I am having? It turns out that summer is a bad time to do these things. I have had many more requests from teachers and librarians to extend the deadline into the fall than I have had entries. Do you think I should extend the deadline? Is the middle […]
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Mark your calendars and run with us!

TweetYep, we’re still running. Most of the injuries accumulated this spring have healed and we’re shuffling through mile after mile again. I am the Galloping Turtle. Hear me roar. We’re planning on running the Philadelphia Half-Marathon next month. Will any of you be there? If you live in Central New York, come join us the […]
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Gaimanesque tomatoes

TweetIf you are a regular reader of Neil Gaiman’s blog, you will occasionally see a picture of him holding up a devilishly-horned tomato in the right-hand margin of the page. (He has rotating photos, which is very cool.) I thought the photo also cropped up in his photo gallery, but apparently I’m wrong about that. […]
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Everything is much brighter now

TweetSo my mom spent a week in the hospital, but she didn’t die. Yay, Mom! Now she’s at the “spa” which is what we’re calling the facility where she is staying for the next month because “rehab center” doesn’t sound right. She’s working with physical and occupational therapists every day to regain strength and mobility. […]
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real life sadness

TweetAuthor and children’s literature expert Coleen Salley has recently had a down-turn in her health and has entered a retirement home. Coleen wrote the Epossomundas books, helped found the
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our flag-bearer

TweetLopez Lomong is carrying the flag of the United States in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics today. He is a refugee from Sudan, one of the Lost Boys, who came to America in 2001 and settled in with a foster family in Central New York. His foster parents, Robert and Barbara Rogers, took in […]
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to the jerk who trespassed in the Forest

TweetOver the weekend someone slashed our “Obama for President” sign with a knife. Sliced it into ribbons. In honor of that person, I’ve decided to make another contribution to Sen. Obama’s campaign. I am actually a more conservative person than most people might guess. I am a registered Republican, although the leadership of both parties […]
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a sea of musket balls and gunpowder

TweetI am neck deep in 18th century lists of military stores; things like powder horns, bayonet belts, grapeshot, and bear skins. It is heavenly! I spent the weekend on the road. On Saturday I went to the Fort Plain Museum in Fort Plain, NY for a small (but wonderful) Revolutionary War encampment/reenactment. Sunday was a […]
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