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It’s Over? Already? Last WFMAD for 2008

TweetDang, that was fast! Today is the last day of July, the last day of my Write for Fifteen Minutes A Day challenge. Congratulations to all of you who participated!!! If you missed the beginning, or you’d like to see all the entries I made about the challenge this month, then the tag function provides […]
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down to the wire pesto recipe & WFMAD 30

TweetThe Goddess of YA Literature ventured into picture book territory yesterday and reviewed a number of recent picture books, including INDEPENDENT DAMES. It is an honor and a hoot to have the book compared to the MAGIC SCHOOL BUS books, which I love. A couple of you have asked for my pesto recipe. I mostly […]
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Already Lost in Time & WFMAD 29

TweetSorry about the lateness of this post. I dove into a few research books early and forgot to come up for air. They need to go back to the library tomorrow, so I’ll not be nattering or ranting today. Did you do anything about your writing space yesterday? WFMAD 29 Today’s goal: write for 20 […]
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Hero worship & WFMAD 28

TweetToni Morrison is one of my heroes for many reasons; she’s a gifted, brilliant, powerful author, she lived in Syracuse NY for a while, and now, she’s helping our country remember. (Here’s a non-NY Times link for those of you who aren’t registered with them.) That bench is now on my Must-Visit list. I am […]
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37ish Things About Me & WFMAD 27

TweetYesterday I harvested a bunch of basil and made fresh pesto. Twelve hours later, I still reek of garlic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could be charged with a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace if I showed up in a public place smelling like this. But, damn, it tasted good! Here are some more […]
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TweetLittle blog time today. Much family time. WFMAD 26 Today’s goal: Write 15 minutes. Your month is almost over! Today’s mindset: organized Today’s prompt: Write down the scariest dream you ever had. If you don’t remember the details, make them up. Now figure out the metaphors/image systems and write another scene using those tools, i.e., […]
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Booktour news and WFMAD 25

TweetNo, the firewood isn’t here yet. Yes, it’s going up to 80+ degrees so we are unlikely to need it tonight. But OfficeMouse and her Faithful Companion are leaving soon which means it will be BH and me on stacking duty. Maybe I should invite everyone in Blogland to come help. I could feed you […]
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TweetThe minor family emergency didn’t escalate, thank heavens. My mother fell Tuesday night and we spent yesterday doing the rounds with doctors and the hospital and x-rays. She’s home now, though I won’t say she’s exactly comfortable. She broke three ribs. She’s going to be fine; the fractures are uncomplicated and there were no other […]
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Fact Checking and WFMAD 23

TweetThere is a great story in many history books in which John Adams calls the year 1777 “the year of the hangman” because all those sevens lined up together looked like gallows. The implication was that if the British defeated the Patriots in the American Revolution, the Patriot leaders (like Adams) would all hang. It’s […]
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Showing Fangs, Seeding Ideas & WFMAD 22

TweetOur wood for the winter should arrive this week. Whatever day it gets here is guaranteed to be 90 degrees and humid. It’s a law of physics. Wood needs to be stacked in garage = unseasonably hot weather + new hatching of mosquitoes and deerflies. But it’s comforting in a weird, sweaty way, to know […]
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