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Emergency over, request flag raised again

TweetWow. This internet thing is rather handy. Within an hour yesterday of posting my plea for speakers of Dutch, I had three offers of help. When I woke up this morning, there were three more. Thank you very much, kind blogreaders, the emergency is over. Your help was much appreciated. Spent last night watching Number […]
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Emergency – do you speak Dutch?

TweetI just realized that I need to run two sentences in Dutch past someone who is much better at that language than I am. It is not cool to think that your character is saying “What do you want?” when in fact, you’ve written “You have a pickle growing in your ear.” Do any of […]
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Beautiful and Unexpected Things

TweetIt is Friday, so I will list Five Beautiful and Unexpected Things. As an added bonus, two come with pictures. 1. Meredith the Office Mouse spent part of yesterday weeding through a mountain of books so that BH can build some bookshelves. By the end of the day, she made an amazing discovery. She found […]
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The extra person in my office

TweetThere is a mouse in my office; she’s taller than me. She keeps poking into corners and rooting through all the piles of papers that are labeled “Yeah, I’ll deal with that as soon as this book is done. Or maybe after the next book.” She is dealing with it now. She is a mouse […]
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Cue the Wagner music

TweetEXT. MOUTH OF THE CAVE OF REVISION – DAWN Various characters from AUTHOR’S latest novel swarm the beach in front of the mythical CAVE OF REVISION. Helicopters swoop by low enough to cause sand to swirl and whitecaps to form on the water. The opening chords of Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” plays loudly […]
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still here

Tweetstill revising, almost done still horrified by condition of my office still running still gearing up for new books coming out still excited to see all our kids this weekend still grateful for this week’s interview (thank you, kelly!) still in need of sleep still hungry for barbecue still loving my life still revising…
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Bouncing on toes

TweetI am standing at the mouth of the Cave of Revision, impatiently waiting for the coffee pot to finish making coffee. I think I have a few more long days on this revision before I turn it in. So. Here are my rambling, hurry-up-coffee-pot notes: 1. Yesterday, I corresponded with readers in Brazil and Norway. […]
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Summer Blog Blast Tour – in which I am interviewed!

TweetThere are a lot of terrific bloggers in the kidlit corner of the blogosphere. This week they have coordinated their efforts into the Summer Blog Blast Tour 2008. Little Willow has the entire schedule. Kelly Fineman was kind enough to ask me to take part. So… warm up your linkety-link finger, because: Step One – […]
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Where is my list?

TweetThank you to everyone who came out to the bookstore in Oswego last night! (I also snuck into Oswego High School yesterday, courtesy of English teacher Heidi Sheffield, and surprised several classes of students who have been reading SPEAK. Thanks, Heidi and kids!) River’s End Bookstore celebrates its 10th anniversary on Sunday. If you’re in […]
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Absurd truth

TweetI really do adore the revision part of the writing process. But I’ll be taking a brief break from it this evening. Come on up and join me. Oh… one more thing. TWISTED is available in paperback today!!!!!!
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