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TweetI have worn out three keys on my keyboard: A, E & R. The D, N, H, S & I keys are also showing signs of wear. I think I will be done with this draft by Saturday morning. Back to scribbling now… or, more accurately, back to pounding the crap out of my keyboard […]
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in the middle of the night…

TweetI woke up at 3:30 this morning thinking about the chapter I’m revising. I took this as A Sign. When the Muse kicks you in the rear end in the middle of the night, you might as well get out of bed. I’m glad I did because this is turning out to be a scribblecious […]
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continuing the conversation

TweetA thread about writing popped up in the Comments yesterday. Since some people don’t read the Comments, I figured it would be more useful if I responded here. The first question was: Because of the crushing deadlines you (and many other authors) encounter, have you ever thought of an additional scene that you might have […]
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Another unveiling

TweetBusy weekend writing. Busy week ahead…. you guessed it, writing. My cold is gone but it woke up the asthma dragon who sleeps in the deepest lobe of my lungs, and we’ve been wrestling a lot. I tend to lose these battles. I’ve been getting my running in, but veeeeery sloooooowly because of the hacking […]
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Hacking, typing, howling

TweetOK, one more dash from the Cave of Revision, this time to pick up medicine, dump the tissue-filled trash basket, and proclaim thanks and celebration throughout the Forest because my fundraising goal for the Team in Training Half Marathon has been met. Karen McQuestion, a Wisconsin journalist now working on a novel, put me over […]
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quick breath

TweetI am dashing outside the Cave of Revision for a quick breath of fresh air. All is going fairly well. I am working long days, but love being so submerged in my story. One of the characters is now found only on the cutting room floor. Eliminating her cleared up all kinds of structural problems […]
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Officially crawling into cave

TweetYesterday was amazing: our Number One Son qualified for the New York State boy’s swimming meet by taking third place in the 100-meter breast in the preliminary heat at yesterday’s Section III championships. That is a mouthful for an early-morning post. Boiled down to its essence, it translates into: My kid is going to States!!!! […]
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TweetGo away, please. I’m writing. No, wait! Come back! Because TWISTED was nominated for a 2008-2009 Georgia Peach Book Award!!!! So were a lot of other great books, including a few written by friends. So I am baking a cyber-peach pie to share with Cecil, Jordan, Sherman and Gail. Somebody else better bring ice cream, […]
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Huzzahs and magnifying glasses

TweetWe got about 18 inches of snow yesterday. The Forest looks like someone painted it with thick fondant icing. I drove through a white-out down to Syracuse (where they didn’t get any of the storm at all, not even a flake) so I could talk about writing historical fiction to a group of teachers. These […]
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One blizzard, 953 crazy people & countless vats of chili

TweetWhen you suspect you are a little crazy, it’s nice to have company. Yesterday BH & I ran in the 4th Annual Chilly Chili 5K Race in Cazenovia, NY. When we started running 18 months ago, 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) seemed an impossible distance to cover. Now that we’re training for the half-marathon (13.1 miles) […]
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