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Thanks for all the fish

TweetThe sun has set and the last grains of time are rolling through the hour glass. In the Forest, we’re discussing the joys of 2007 and looking eagerly towards 2008. (Plus, there is champagne chilling and I adore champagne.) Since Christmas I’ve been locked in seclusion in a small hotel room working on my new […]
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Good Yule!

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Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!

TweetIsn’t this an awesome day?????? Santa is already getting busy with it. It’s snowing again. We have sugar plums and rice pudding for the nisse in our future. And we have to watch Elf (which BH hates) so we can scream out all the best lines. After last minute hurrying and scurrying, we’ll head out […]
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The 12 Days of You Know What – MWitF Version

TweetI tinkered with the lyrics, you know the tune. Everybody sing along! On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 12 months of a patient husband 11 wandering characters 10 journals overflowing 9 thousand emails blinking 8 parties tempting 7 overdue library books 6 social networks friending 5 miles on the […]
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promises fulfilled, words flying, dark gathering

TweetThis is the shortest day of the year – a very, very good day to reflect and write. Looking back on my 2007 goals, here is what I accomplished: 1. No melanoma, no cancer. Yes!! 2. Finish CHAINS. YES!! 3. Blog regularly, don’t let it take over. Check. 4. Finish first draft of YA due […]
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Le Sigh

TweetChristmas #1 is over. I had to work more than I wanted, but we squeezed in lots of laughs and good food, late nights and much cuddling by the fire. The College Tribe has now moved on to other branches in the Family Forest and the house is very, very quiet. But we took lots […]
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Burning the pencil at both ends

TweetChoose one: A) You can stay up very, very late with the college students who are home on vacation and do silly things and talk too loudly and have a blast. OR B) You can go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up before dawn to write. Doing both is not recommended. Doing […]
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laughing in the face of a blizzard

TweetGroup One of our College Horde arrived safely last night. Group Two should be here by lunch. Our plan is to feed them a pound of sugar each, then hand over all the Yuletide decorations and let them deck the halls. We are expecting 25 people for the family Christmas dinner (a little early this […]
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Up for a gulp of air

TweetWriting going well. First draft done. (That’s the one where I just write all the voices in my head.) Second draft started. (This is the one in which I have to make sense of Draft One. Much harder.) I will keep working on this until the Hordes of College Students descend upon us this weekend. […]
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TweetI am writingwritingwriting. Love you, World. Go away for a few days.
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