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Galloping off in a cloud of dust

TweetI am off on an adventure. Details when I return. Maybe.
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Excellent discussion

TweetThere are some wonderful comments in reply to yesterday’s post about if writers should consider watching television as a way to improve their craft. You might enjoy reading them – please chime in with your opinion! I’m still in need of teachers using SPEAK in the classroom so I can connect them with an Australian […]
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looking for SPEAK teachers, my thoughts on TV for writers

TweetI have an email from a teacher in Australia who wants very much to teach SPEAK. She needs our help. The books have already been purchased, but the principal is having second thoughts about putting the book in curriculum. She writes: …could you please help me with some real examples of ‘Speak’ being used effectively […]
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Leopard Pounce

TweetI have a confession to make. Our family is Mixed. Yep. Half of us (two out of four kids, my first husband and his wife) support the Dark Side.** The rest of us (the other two kids, BH, & me) choose to live in The Light. Two additional family members- my ex’s stepson Alex (who […]
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a five of fridays

TweetI am a huge word geek (show love for the linguistics majors, my friends) and one of my favorite things is collective nouns. So I am all over this Friday Five: What would be a good collective name for your family, as in “A _____ of Joneses?” We are a hug of Halse-Anderson-Larrabees. What would […]
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on and on

TweetMy father-in-law is responding to the meds and is awake and aware. Grandmother Death seems to have given him a pass this week. I am at the end of the revision of my historical – huzzah – and am looking forward to getting back to the new WIP. Our problems with Time Warner Cable – […]
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Reality steps in

TweetIt really was a loverly day yesterday, even after it turned a little sad in the evening. Thank you so much to all of youse guys for the birthday wishes. It was fun reading through them. BH gave me the best birthday present ever: he made us a bed (we’ve been doing the grad student […]
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Time to rock the cupcakes

TweetDo you know this song? Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! (shunka-shunka-shunka-shunka) Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! (shunka-shunka-shunka-shunka) Still don’t know? Play this: That’s right – it’s my birthday, which is a National Holiday here in the forest. I proclaim that this day shall be celebrated by writing for fun, reading new books, eating popcorn and pumpkin ice cream, and singing loudly. SINGING VERY […]
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Monday madness

TweetThanks to everyone who ignored the gorgeous weather, the Bills game, and the Giants game to come out to the bookstore yesterday. The crowd was much bigger than I thought and I stayed for a very long time chatting and signing. I hope to have some photos to post soon. I have already been working […]
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Want to hang out today?

TweetI know I am a little tardypants with this announcement, but I will be speaking at the Barnes & Noble in Clay, (just north of Syracuse)TODAY AT 2PM. Come hang out with me. We’ll drink coffee. We’ll talk amongst ourselves. It will be great. One more thing – please wish Ellen Wittlinger a happy birthday!
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