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What I’ve Been Doing on my Summer Vacation

TweetBliss. Bliss. Bliss. We’ve been taking a “home” vacation the last week and a half. (Well, I have. BH has been working.) That means avoiding the computer, reading for fun, not research, and doing all the little projects around the house I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t made the time for. Like becoming a […]
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Attention Teachers!!! & Pondering in the Forest

TweetFirst thing first. THE TWISTED TEACHER’S CONTEST!!! I made it too hard. For this, I will not apologize. I consider it payback. But I am not heartless, and I really want TO GIVE AWAY A CLASSROOM SET (30 ARCS) OF TWISTED to the smart teacher who breaks my code. So. Revised rules. 1. Read the […]
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Why you don’t want Wikipedia to do your homework

TweetI know this may come as a shock, but people lie on the Internet. Moral of the story: always question the source.
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TweetCan someone please explain this to me? I am confused.
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TweetLaurie Halse Anderson’s Facebook profile
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Redecorating the Forest

TweetSo here I am in sick bay, doing my best imitation of Nurse Ratched, and my Child With Stitches sort of needs me, but not in a hard core way, so we spent the morning redesigning my LJ and my MySpace. Any comments? And Child With Stitches thinks I should have a FaceBook page, too. […]
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I just fell in love with Stephen King again…

Tweet…. not because he’s one hell of a storyteller (though he is one of the best), not because he supports his community in a wonderful way, not even because he had the smarts to marry a great woman. I just fell in love with Stephen King again for writing the most common sensical piece about […]
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Friday Fretting

TweetI am out of town taking care of another family member recovering from surgery. All is well, not to worry; she came through the long procedure well and is fairly comfortable, thanks to medication. (I am pretty sure BH is taking advantage of my absence to finish the basement. This should be interesting.) I am […]
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TWISTED teacher contest

TweetUncle Viking-Penguin (my publisher) has 30 TWISTED advanced reading copies to give away. Are you a teacher who is interested in having them as a classroom set? All you have to do is answer two questions. Email your answers, your name, and the address of your school to comments AT writerlady DOT com. Slightly edited […]
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TweetAck. It is officially hot here. I don’t do hot. Nor do I do humidity. I am the Ice Queen, fond of blizzards and lake effect snow. Last night was horrific. The air was so sticky that I kept waking up convinced that critters were crawling on me. Then a bat flew into the screen […]
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