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Back to the well of optimism

TweetI really appreciated hearing from all of you about the absurd farce that is the health care/insurance system in America. To summarize the solution: Register. Learn about the candidates. Vote for change. Hold the elected officials accountable. (Why do I think I will be ranting about this again?) Yesterday I got up close and personal […]
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A Mad Woman Rants

TweetMy health insurance company, Aetna, sent me a letter on Thursday. It was polite, up until the point where they raised our monthly premium 25%. On the same day, Aetna announced a 16% jump in their second-quarter earnings. I have been an Aetna customer for years. They took good care of us. But we officially […]
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Taking stock, answering questions, counting to 100

TweetI am feeling an enormous, cranky rant coming on, but I was raised to believe that before you complain about something, you should take stock about what is working in your life. So today, I am digging for the good stuff. (But I swear I will rant tomorrow.) To start with, the ALAN online chat […]
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Talking about TWISTED

TweetI got the greatest fan letter on my MySpace the other day! The guy who wrote it has set his account so that I cannot directly respond to him, so I thought I’d repost it. Here goes. The Subject line reads: “Dude…. I loved your book.” “Alright so there I was, vacant as can be, […]
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Weekend photos

TweetAs promised, here is evidence of what a great weekend I had. Friday night at the river’s end bookstore (Oswego, NY) Harry Potter party. It was PACKED. My favorite part of the night was listening to the end of Book 6 being read aloud while bouncing up and down on my toes and compulsively checking […]
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My opinion about Harry Potter VII

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Magazines are bad for you

TweetI hate the American fashion industry and the stupid magazines that promote unrealistic bodies and try so hard to make us feel bad about ourselves so we’ll buy all the crap they advertise and read the pathetic articles. I call boycott. A pox on all their houses.
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Fingers in ears, eyes squeezed shut

TweetSo we saw The Movie last night and I loved it (particularly the most dramatic scene which I think plays out better onscreen than in the text), and I am going to a party Friday night and might stay up reading The Book. But I want to be surprised so I am hereby boycotting news […]
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TweetWe have waves of kids coming and going at our house; home from college, breezing through town, happy to crash on a couch, always hungry, full of giggles. It’s awesome. It’s summer. This makes the writing a little harder to sneak in, but I get in a couple of hours most mornings before anyone wakes […]
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Grab bag

TweetI am about a week late with this, but check out the trailer for Holly Black’s Spiderwick Chronicle movie. CJ Bott is an expert in dealing with bullying and harrasment issues – one of the best in the country. She is a former English teacher who now consults with school districts on how they can […]
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