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ALA was the bestest conference EVAH!

TweetDang, that was good. ALA was absofreakinglutley astounding. How to best describe this??? Imagine the thing you care about most in the world (besides the people that you love). In my case, this is books. Specifically, books for kids and teenagers. OK, now, take thousands of people who work in the field that you love. […]
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Quick update & my ALA schedule

TweetStorm clouds are rolling across the county, so our power should go out in a minute. Here’s my update: 1. My revision is proceeding well, despite last week’s chickenbutt moment. I won’t get the manuscript turned in by ALA, which I had hoped, but it should be there by the end of the month. 2. […]
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“Chickenbutt!!!!!!!” she screamed

TweetChickenbutt is my new all-purpose curse word. I stole it from an NPR piece I heard in which it was the “clean” curse that a truly foul-mouthed elderly great aunt used when in the presence of delicate ears. So when I say “chickenbutt,” please substitue the ugliest, nastiest curse you know so you can get […]
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And now for something completely different

TweetI have really enjoyed the ongoing discussion about how/if we can/should alert readers to content in YA novels that some might not want younger kids reading. I have much to think about. Please keep the opinions coming! But it is summer. The farmers down the road just finished their first cutting of hay. Local strawberries […]
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Instead of reading a new post today,

TweetI suggest you scroll through yesterday’s comments and my responses. It is very cool to be talking about this stuff. Thanks to everyone who is chiming in with their opinion.
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So…… what’s up with the warning in TWISTED?

TweetWhen you pick up TWISTED (which I sincerely hope you will do this summer) and flip through the opening pages, you will find something unusual right after the dedication page. It reads “NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR CHILDREN” Then the adventures of Tyler Miller begin. Many people have been speculating on The Note. […]
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Hot and fast Friday fiveish

Tweet1. Bandages are off! I woke up yesterday at 5:15 and had removed the blasted bandages by 5:20. The doc made 15 small incisions on The Leg and they’re all healing nicely. I see him in a week and if there is any justice in the world I’ll run after that. 2. The revision is […]
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Recommending books

TweetI am deep in (what I hope are) the last revisions for next year’s historical. I have also started a new experimental writing schedule. I’ll report on its success or failure next month. Here are a few things for you to ponder: Sherman Alexie (I am a huge fan and have been for years) mentions […]
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My Friday Five

TweetFirst, I owe a shout-out to Lydia, whose older sister, Elena, works at Writer’s House in New York. ::waves from couch:: She said really sweet things about you, Lydia! Now – my Five Friday Things: 1. My surgery is over and my leg is in the air and healing nicely. (Thanks for all the warm […]
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