Interviewed by Little Willow

We interrupt this revision week to tell you about the great interview of moi conducted and posted by .She also posted a very nice review of TWISTED.

What do you think?

In other news, Syracuse won the Golden Snowball Award.

But Oswego (12 miles from my house) begs to differ.

For the record, there is no snow on the ground in the Forest today. The daffodils and violets are blooming and birds are singing. Nature is lulling us into a false sense of security.

(BTW, contest winners – you are still on my To-Do list!!)

Back to revising. Sisu. Sisu. Sisu…..

4 Replies to “Interviewed by Little Willow”

  1. Great interview!
    I’m a faithful slayground reader, and I was super excited when I saw that interview posted the other day.
    I’m a big fan of Hannah’s as well…and yours of course!

  2. Your neck of the woods

    I was visiting your neck of the woods yesterday (Oswego). I was there to drop off some ARCs at SUNY Oswego, but a bookseller there suggested that I drive on down to your town and say hello. I figured you’d really “like” that, so I didn’t. I didn’t realize you lived in the area. I haven’t visited in 20 years, so it’s been fun to see Upstate NY in the spring. Anyway, just thought i’d drop a note.

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