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Warp Core Malfunction

TweetIn my last post I mentioned that I was catching up on sleep and getting ready to face the world again. I lied. I am still beat. All week I have been draping myself over furniture and snoring. I made it to the gym a couple times, I weeded, I stared at the pile of […]
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Home! Spring! Sleep! Contest Winner!

TweetI made it home from Poland late on Saturday and spent the next 48 hours in a confused daze about what time it was. I wanted to talk at 3:30am. I wanted to sleep at noon. Bah. But today I am beginning to feel like my spirit has caught up with my body and all […]
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“I don’t want to leave!” the author whined.

TweetI can’t believe this is my last day here. The week flew by. On Thursday I talked to all kinds of kids; elementary, middle and high school. I was going to take a picture of the high school students, but then I got to talking with them and I forgot. Duh.
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Day of Melancholy and Good Cheer

TweetWednesday is a half-day at the American School in Warsaw. My morning was filled with 7th graders and my afternoon with rain and history.
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TweetI am already at the half-way point of this trip. I hate how time speeds up when you’re having fun. Trust me, friends. I am having a blast. This is me frolicing in front of the Summer Palace. (Your mission, if you choose to accept it: use the word “frolic” in a sentance today.)
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More from over here

TweetI stayed up much too late watching the international coverage of the horror in Virginia. I can’t even begin to understand this. And I feel sort of weird feeling chipper and talking about something else, like my experience here. The shootings were the topic of every conversation last night. While I was working out in […]
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TweetDear God.
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From Warsaw, With Love

TweetI made it to Poland! And I am having a blast – this is an AMAZING city and country. Mostly, I have only good news to tell you. But there is one piece of bad news: the Internet connection at my hotel costs $1/minute. Yep. So I’m going to keep this short: the highlights of […]
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So it goes

Tweet A literary giant, disguised as a bushy-haired man with big eyes, has moved on to other worlds. Kurt Vonnegut is dead. If you haven’t read his books, then do yourself a favor and get one today. The man could write, really, really write. He is one of my favorites. (photo credit Jill Krementz) The […]
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My heroes: Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team

TweetI am so angry I hardly know where to start. Don Imus’ racist, pig-headed, degrading, insulting comments about the players of the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team make me sick. Physically sick, close to vomiting. I would love to see him fired, but I don’t think that is going to happen. That is a shame. I […]
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