Book Tour Day 4 Report – Part 1

Four o’clock in the morning is early. Very, very early. It’s so early when the wake-up call comes, you jump out of bed shouting, “Who’s sick?” And then, when the wake-up call you scheduled for 4:05am rings, you wander the room in daze for five minutes, looking for clues in your room about what your name is, where you are, and why you are there.

Then you remember the airport shuttle leaves in fifteen minutes.

I made the shuttle, made the plane, and made it to Miami. Miami. Yes. As in Florida. As in palm trees and sunshine and…… highways. Lots and lots of highways, punctuated by construction and detours onto other highways. Traveling to new cities is one of the fun parts of book tours, but the reality is, you don’t get to see much except for the inside of the airport and the traffic.

That’s why they hire nice author escorts, because let me tell you, if I had to do the driving, this tour would have ended in disaster four days ago. Today’s friendly escort is Kathleen who is born and raised here and knows her way around. She was the one who got me to Killian High School on time.

Cougars roar and authors adore pretty hotels….

Book Tour Day 2 Report – Mid-South

“Mid-South” was my new word of the day yesterday. It refers to this geographical region, where Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi all come together. I know this is totally juvenile, but I still get excited when I cross from one state to another. I did it a lot yesterday because I had events in all three states. (Childhood flashback – flying on a plane to my grandmother’s in Florida and staring out the window in search of the dotted lines that I was sure were on the ground that showed the state boundaries. When my father explained that they only existed on maps, I was crushed.)

The day started in glorious, YA author fashion: at a high school.

The most exciting day of the year

Tuesday, March 20th, means…

… that Spring is finally here. It snowed on and off all day yesterday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic … that the TWISTED book contest is closed to new guesses. This is one of the deeper snow drifts around the house – it is about 55 inches high. BH will be monitoring the melting daily. As soon as the last bit of snow is gone, I’ll make the announcement and choose the winner.

… that TWISTED is officially launched!!! Yee-haa!!! You can buy it in a bookstore today! Please read it and tell me what you think.

… that the TWISTED podcast is up on my website. (Thank you, theoblack!)

… that ShelfLife is celebrating one of my heros, Judy Blume.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic … that I have to finish packing

… because my book tour starts today! I leave for the airport in a couple of hours and will spend the rest of the day flying south. Cross your fingers that the suitcase stays with me.

I will be blogging daily from the road. Here is tomorrow’s schedule:


8am – SCHOOL EVENT – Blytheville High School, Blytheville, AK (not open to public)
Sponsored by: That Bookstore

11am – STOCK SIGNING: That Bookstore
316 W. Main, Blytheville, AR 72315 Tel:(870) 763-3333

2:00 PMish – STOCK SIGNING at Barnes & Noble
Wolf Chase Galleria
2774 N Germantown Parkway
Memphis, TN 38133

3:00 PMish- STOCK SIGNING at Barnes & Noble
Carriage Crossing
4610 Merchants Park Circle Suite 52
Collierville, TN 38017

3:30 PMish – STOCK SIGNING at Borders
6685 Poplar Ave
Germantown, TN 38138

7:00pm – PUBLIC EVENT! at Books-A-Million
135 Towne Square Boulevard, Southaven, MS 38671
(suburb of Memphis, TN) Tel:(662) 536-1888