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Random school visit question

TweetLike many authors, I visited schools for years to talk about my books and the writing process. I have spoken to around half a million high school students and maybe half as many elementary school students. Yeah, that’s a lot of kids. I loved visiting schools, loved meeting the teachers and librarians, and really learned […]
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Odds & Ends Day

TweetThis morning I have chained myself to my desk in order to respond to ALL the fanmail that has piled up. I made a dent in it last week, and hope to finish today. If you have been waiting to hear from me, I am sorry. Check your mailbox later this week. By the way, […]
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Weekend Conference

TweetWe’re home again after a weekend spent at the SCBWI Whispering Pines retreat in Rhode Island, sponsored by the New England regional chapter. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. BH got to go (which doesn’t happen very often, sadly) and both of us snow-blinded, cabin-fevered kids had a blast.
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Friday dreaming

TweetOne of these days, I gotta go to Japan.
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TWISTED Book Tour!

TweetFire up the engines, honey, it’s time to take this book on the road! In about a month, I am the very lucky author who gets to visit 20 cities in 12 days, and (fingers crossed, toes crossed, jumping up and down) meet hundreds and hundreds of you guys in the process. I am not […]
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Booktour hints

TweetI am on a dead run today, so this will be quick. Here are the states I’ll be visiting on booktour in March! (In chronological order) Arkansas Mississippi Florida Ohio Michigan Illinois Missouri Texas California New York Several states have multiple signings. Details tomorrow – I promise!!!! I ‘ll give cities, stores, times, everything. I […]
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Make them wear pants!

TweetI was not going to comment on this. Really. I was shoveling away, happy as a lark, thinking about my own books and minding my own business. But people keep blogging about IT. And emailing me about IT. You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Scrotum. Quick background. One the first page of […]
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Mad Woman on the roof

TweetHappy Chinese New Year! No fireworks or barbecue here, just the ongoing saga of the Great Snow of ’07. And the increasing weight on the rafters. We have had no luck getting qualified, insured people here to clean the roof off. (They are in short supply, for obvious reasons.) The paper quoted Scott Steiger, a […]
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TweetIt is not snowing.
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What day of the week is it?

TweetThe National Guard has arrived. Not at our house, but in our town and other places across the county to help the stranded and frozen. The Mennonites are here, too. Yesterday was another digging out day. I hiked down to the road and reuncovered the mailbox. The new snow and drifts made it impossible for […]
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