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More great reasons to move to Central New York

TweetThis part of the country is quickly becoming a literary hub in the United States. There is already a very long list of authors, poets, and illustrators who live here. Then Suzan-Lori Parks moved here a few months ago. And the latest news? Tamora Pierce is moving here, too. Yep. It’s the truth. See, I […]
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For teachers of FEVER 1793

TweetI’ve had two notes from teachers who are doing a wonderful job bringing FEVER 1793 to life in the classroom. Debbie Myers writes: Hi! … I am a teacher of the gifted in an intermediate school (grades 4-5) in Martinsburg, WV. I was looking for a good topic to do a class Social Studies project […]
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Day 1 of summer and I’m already complaining

TweetAck. Hazy. Hot. Humid. I hate days like this. This will be a short entry, because nobody wants to listen to me whine about the weather. More X-Men 3 Mistakes I feel vindicated. Since movie theaters have air conditioning, I’m thinking I should head to one soon. Any suggestions about what I should watch? I’m […]
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How we start summer in the country

TweetNow that all danger of frost is gone (not that it is ever truly gone up here), what did we do with that beautiful hot day yesterday? BH, Son & I split, hauled, and stacked seven cords of wood that we will burn next winter. We did it the modern way, with a nice hydraulic […]
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Friday afternoon odds n ends

TweetBravo! Thank you lost-child2 for taking the time yesterday to explain how the Literature Map works. You can read both of his explanations if you scroll down through yesterday’s comments. My food quirk of the moment? Straight wasabi paste on baby carrots. Do you know about Library Thing? (Thank you mikigarrison for pointing it out. […]
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Are you bored?

TweetI found two great places to play: 1. Literature Map. You type in the name of an author, and the site shows you other authors whose work somehow connects. This is what happens if you type in me. Play with this and let me know if you come up with anything funny or weird. Also […]
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Third catch-update BEA- Day 2

TweetSo yeah, by the end of the dinner where I met (brace yourself, more sqweeing ahead) KATHERINE PATERSON, I was whooped. There were a couple of other parties to go to, but I had to speak early Friday morning, so I was a good girl and went to bed. Woke up at an obscenely early […]
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Second catch-update BEA – Day 1

Tweet(Pardon the crumbs, but I am inhaling a sandwich as I type this.) From the glorious (and rather flat) state of Indiana, I flew into Washington, DC. Got in so early that my hotel room wasn’t ready, which was fine with me because I needed a belt and (gasp!) stockings. Our hotel was at 23rd […]
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First catch-update: Indiana PROM contest winner

TweetStill scrambling to get life back in order after the last two months of travel, so bear with me, please. The whole reason I went to Indiana was to celebrate the writing talent of Chelsey W., a senior at Goshen High School in Goshen, IN. She won the Baker & Taylor PROM contest. As a […]
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It’s over!

TweetI am home. Suitcase is empty. Tired. Barely forming sentences. Tea. Fire in fireplace. Goshen, IN = fun. BEA conference = funner + insanity. Off to Z now. More later, plus pics.
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