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Head buried in papers

TweetWorking on a speech today… more tomorrow. (Awesome game, Ivory Latta!!)
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Mailbag – questions about publishing process

TweetCrystal writes: I am doing a research project for english.  I was just wondering what your favorite food was. Popcorn. Lauren K. writes: I’m an eight grader at Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School in Freehold New Jersey. I am doing a book report on a book you wrote. The book is Speak. About the repot, their […]
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Who is still in the Dance?

TweetGeorge Mason. George Mason? ::sighs deeply:: OK, this is the hand we’ve been dealt. I’m hoping for UCLA vs. Florida. (If that happens, cousin Sue, I’ll bet you a cup of tea that UCLA will win.) Big shout-out to my Georgetown boys for making us all proud to wear blue and grey again. Is there […]
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The madness marches on..

TweetDuke lost? Duke lost! OMG. And Gonzaga lost, too. I didn’t stay up late enough for that game, but I saw Adam Morrison’s press conference on TV this morning, and I have to say, I am developing a wicked crush on the guy. He played his heart out and his team lost. He took responsibility, […]
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the perfect high school?

TweetFirst things first. Thank you, thank you to the students, staff, and parents of the Chadwick School (esp Kim Sonnenblick!) for making my visit so relaxing and enriching. I enjoyed the last two days so much! Now I am in Cerritos. The ride from Palos Verdes here was mind-boggling; a typical LA mild-traffic jam kind […]
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Chilly CA

TweetIt hasn’t been exactly warm here, but it hasn’t snowed so I’m not complaining. Had a blast at La Jolla Country Day and am doing it all over again at the Chadwick School which I think is just outside LA. (The geography of Los Angeles confuses me. The greater LA area feels as big as […]
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Airplanes are magic

TweetIt’s always hard leaving home, especially for a week. Sunday morning was last minute packing, tea-drinking, mild fretting. Because I had proclaimed Spring the day before, we were enjoying more lake effect snow. The drive south to Syracuse. But we got to the airport in one piece and my flight took off with no problems. […]
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A rant-free post

TweetNo, really. I promise. Because I am in a good mood. A great mood. Georgetown won yesterday and SUNY Albany almost beat UConn. I love UConn, but come on – how can you not root for Albany in that situation? I love March. Another reason for feeling so great today? The farmers down the road […]
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Green Friday

TweetI’d like to take this moment to say thank you to my Donovan and Foley ancestors for leaving Ireland, braving the Atlantic Ocean, and coming to America. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! I’ll be playing Celtic music and scaring the dog with my poor imitation of an Irish jig all day. My friend (and […]
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What is up with Oklahoma?

TweetA bow in appreciation to boricuababy1119 for pointing out my shameful neglect of Women’s History Month. (Check out the poem she posted on my LJ yesterday.) It is the kind of thing we should all be celebrating!! And appreciation to all of you for sharing your Cat 4 books with yesterday. I suspect a lot […]
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