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real quick

TweetHad a blast out in Washington… details later because I need to write. How was your weekend?
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In which the author recounts disaster and searches for her suitcase

TweetIt’s time to pack again and hit the road. I leave tomorrow for a long flight West. If you live in the upper left-hand corner of America, you’ll find me here: Thursday – on an airplane all day Friday morning – Mt. Baker JH/SH, Deming, WA Friday afternoon & evening – preconference activities Saturday – […]
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for your amusement and amazement

TweetWhile I’m off hunting renegade adverbs, I recommend you check out this online exhibit. It astonished me. More coffee!
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Another’s author’s POV

TweetWhile I’m finishing the last of the revisions, I thought I’d let another author share some writing advice with you. Put your hands together for Elmore Leonard! Here’s another reason why Apple is a bazillion times better than Microdweeb. This might be a two-pot of coffee day. Please send positive thoughts this way.
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Dare to Read

TweetWell this is something I never saw coming! PROM was chosen to be part of Elle magazine’s Dare To Read Bookclub. Somehow, this qualifies me as an Elle girl. (I wonder if I can get that on a tee shirt.) Elle is having a contest, too – free books as the prize, so hop over […]
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And the title of the new book is…

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Why is inspiration so tricky?

TweetToday’s mail takes us to Arizona. Lauren writes: I am a student at Aprende Middle School and in Ms. Angelea Herrera’s 8th grade advanced language arts class. We are currently working on a research paper and the main theme is to pick an author we’ve read and enjoyed. I personally chose you and your books […]
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Warning – mushy romantic post

TweetSome of you know this story, but for those who don’t here goes. I have known my husband since I was three years old. He was six when we met; an older, wiser man. Our mothers were best friends and liked to drink coffee in the afternoon, so he was in charge of walking me […]
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Trying to be organized

TweetI had a couple of trusted friends as well as my editor read the draft of my WIP and the comments are finally in. They pretty much verified what I knew: two of the minor characters act inconsistently at the end of the story and it is getting in the way of the arc of […]
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Shaking out the mailbag

TweetToday’s post empties my email bag… the handwritten stuff is almost finished, too. I’ll be spending most of Saturday at the Sectionals swim meet in Syracuse, and I’ll bring what’s not done with me to finish there. Be sure to read the first letter (below), because I want the opinions of you guys who visit […]
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