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Question for teen writers

TweetI have been asked to contribute an essay with my advice to teen writers. Not surprisingly, I have a lot of it. But I should probably go to the source, and make sure I am approaching this from the right direction. So here’s the question: If you and I were getting together for tea (coffee, […]
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TweetThe funeral and family stuff filled up all of Saturday. The pastor was an 80-year-old woman; the perfect choice for my Aunt Janet. I think I want an elderly woman with a crinkly smile and slightly shaky hands to stand in the pulpit when it’s my turn to go. (Which, btw, I have scheduled for […]
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Thoughts while waiting for the coffee to brew

TweetHappy Birthday, Wolfgang! After a slight wobble when she called CNN two weeks ago, Oprah retakes the crown as Queen of the Known Universe. Thank goodness. Did anyone actually see the show? I had a moment last night when I was IMing three of our four kids at the same time. It was so cool […]
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Aunt Janet’s advice & picture book news

TweetSee, the thing about my Aunt Jan was, she didn’t have much patience for moping. “Knock it off and get to work,” I can hear her saying. So I have to stop. Right. Now. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very, very sad about her death. But I am afraid she’ll haunt me if […]
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i don’t have many words today

Tweetbecause i am blue.
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another sad day

TweetThis is a bad season for the elderly of our family. My Aunt Janet died yesterday. She was the aunt whom I spent the most time with growing up. When I was little, she scared me to death because she could be tough, and, let’s be honest, a wee bit ornery. As I grew older, […]
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ALA awards announced!!

TweetMany, many congratulations to all the winners!!!!! The Printz LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green Honor Books BLACK JUICE by Margo Lanagan I AM THE MESSENGER by Markus Zusak JOHN LENNON: ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH by Elizabeth Partridge A WREATH FOR EMMETT TILL by Marilyn Nelson The Newbery Medal CRISS CROSS by Lynne […]
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A desperate student question & a couple calm ones

TweetKatie writes: I have a few more questions to ask you. If you could, please answer these as quickly as possible. Do you have any idea of how many copies of “Speak” were sold? Thank you so much!! If you could, please post the answer on your web site. I’ll be looking for it. It […]
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Don’t drool on the library books….

Tweet… it makes the other patrons squeamish. My wonderful BH went to the SUNY Oswego library and fetched home some wonderful books about the Revolution that I need for the research I’m doing this month. I am foaming at the mouth with excitement about these books. This is a short entry because I am diving […]
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